Transparent Labeling


  • Richardson.Wait


Many people are unknowingly generating unnecessary waste through
their furniture purchases. Information is purposefully obscured by businesses, making considered consumption a lengthy and confusing process.

The transparent labelling system takes ambiguity out of furniture products and lets consumers know exactly what they are buying and what its effects are on the environment.

This is a rating system for furniture that evaluates how wasteful products are.

This rating would be available at the point of purchase to help inform consumers about what they’re buying.

Key Features


We think that the transparent labeling system is a very unique way to reconceptualize waste generated from furniture products and get people to understand that waste isn’t just something that happens at the end of the products life cycle but is a built-in factor.

The evaluation takes a holistic view of what waste is, looking at not just the materials in furniture but also the mileage and labour required to make it.


We’ve also designed a public awareness campaign that would include a pop-up shop and website.

The pop-up store would display examples of the label rating various pieces of furniture.

Familiar pieces of furniture would display the rating next to specially designed pieces for the pop-up, these would advertise what a perfect rating in every category would look like to compare with the familiar furniture pieces.

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