• Monash University, Faculty of Art Design and Architecture


‘Trans-form’ is a major promotion of the research capabilities and impact of Monash University’s Faculty of Art Design and Architecture (MADA). As the university’s smallest faculty it was imperative to demonstrate to a broad community the valuable contribution MADA’s creative disciplines make to research, culture, wellbeing and globalisation. The ‘Trans-form’ book and accompanying exhibition demonstrates the intersection of creative disciplines and their engagement with science, urban infrastructure, engineering, social welfare and sustainable practices. The book has been immensely successful in distributing MADA’s creative research message both within Australia and overseas.

Key Features


The book is divided into two faculty research strengths; “sustainable Urban Futures” and “Visual and Spatial culture”; each defined by its own typographic representation. When the two sections appear together, as on the cover and contents page, the typographic styling unites. A key feature of the dust jacket is its ability to hold a USB card that contains face-to-face interviews with a selection of researchers that expands on their experiences and knowledge presented in the book. The book is unlike any other research repository as it utilises design as the conduit for the clear dissemination of key messages and capabilities.

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