Tower House


  • Andrew Maynard Architects
  • Overend Constructions


Tower House is anti-monolith. Tower House is village externally and a home internally. The clients, S+P, and their twin sons asked for a home “for community, art and nature to come together”. We designed them a village.

Tower house is the result of endless conversations with a trusting, enthusiastic, patient and encouraging client. The words S+P used were carefully considered. Nurturing, stimulating, gallery, museum, inspiring, delightful, both social and private, introverted and extroverted, legacy, responsibility, character, engaging, discourse and community. In their home S+P wanted the story to be about us. All of us.

Key Features


We created a series of small structures of a scale and texture that did not dominate its context.

Externally articulated as a village, internally the rooms are connected / separated by shifts in plan and ceiling profile rather than walls & doors.

There is an open mindedness towards new materials, with fibreglass grating, netting and timber shingles being used alongside polished concrete and spotted gum timber lining.

The house can adapt easily from being a shared family home to two separate zones. Hidden sliding panels within the original house allow the large shared rooms to be divided.

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