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The top sheet (254cm x 180cm) is usually supplied as part of the Protect-A-Bed® G’Night™ Bedwetting Kit (see our other submittion) but can be purchased alone.

Key Features


• It has an absorbent Cotton Terry stay dry control panel (90cm x 100cm) in the centre of the sheet and is designed to protect the top sleep surface.
• This kit helps to keep your child’s bedding dry at night and can be removed quickly if an accident occurs.
• It is electric blanket safe.
• It can be machine washed and tumble dried with other linens.
• We have a product in the range suitable for adults experiencing this problem as well.


The Protect-A-Bed® G’Night™ Top Sheet takes the worry out of of sleep time thereby addressesing the need for a better nights sleep for everyone .
• It is a quick and easy way to manage bedwetting incidents and limits the amount of sleep lost.
• It protects the mattress and doona from stains and smells and ensures it stays clean and lasts longer.
• It decreases the need to wash the entire bed ensemble as frequently as usual, and is therefore an environmentally friendly product.


As inventors 40 years ago of the first mattress protector products and the category, Protect-A-Bed® has continuously created new technologies, processes and fabrics to remain at the forefront of bedding protection.
This culture of innovation has culminated in unrivaled features and fabrics – from our waterproof, breathable and silent Miracle Layer™ to a range of fabrics spanning basic terry, natural Tencel™ and bamboo as well as the numerous pillows and our new generation cooling and reversible products and now our convenient G’Night™ Top Sheet


Innovation revolves around combining features of speed of change, ease of care, environmentally friendly product, hypoallergenic properties, convenience and therefore a better night’s sleep.

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