Tomcar Australia TM5 Diesel All-Terrain Utility Vehicle


  • Tomcar Australia


The Tomcar TM5 Diesel is a revolutionary all-terrain vehicle and is a engineering marvel.

A rear engined layout puts a majority of the mass over the rear axle.
This leaves the front to deal with steering and braking duties; the lack of driveshaft at each hub allows greater suspension travel and steering angle.

One of the cleverest design features is it’s rear suspension and drive system, which sends torque to the wheels via chains sealed inside the suspension swing-arms.

The unusual design is compact, protects chains from dirt and damage improving reliability.

Key Features


1. The world\’s safest all terrain vehicle. With a one-piece welded passenger cell, car-like center of gravity and racing-style seats and harnesses, The Tomcar is much safer than the popular but statistically dangerous quad-bikes.

2. Easy to maintain / service. It’s designed very differently from any other vehicle. Everything is designed to be accessible and every component is simple to service.

3. Only all-terrain vehicle manufactured in Australia. Proudly made in Victoria.

4. Carry up to 800Kgs of weight – no other vehicle comes close.

5. Purchase vehicles direct via internet. No cumbersome dealer network. Deal direct with manufacturers.

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