TOM Organic – Empowered Women, Empower Women Digital Campaign


  • YC Studio


To coincide with TOM Organic’s rebrand & Empowered woman, Empower woman campaign YC Studio was commissioned to create a digital campaign series that spoke to Australian woman and told the story of TOM.

Key Features


It is rare that a brand’s story is so powerful and their success so inspiring that how to tell the story seems overwhelming.

For TOM Organic’s rebrand we saw an opportunity to tell the story of 8 years of TOM. We created an animated brand device that not only complimented the \”Empowered Woman, Empower Woman\” campaign, but could also be used a storytelling device in the long-term.

This animation is malleable across a range of channels – social sharing, website integration and presentations.


The centre of the project was a 2 minute brand story told through bespoke animated illustration. Five shorter animated clips were created to encourage women to nominate inspiring women and purchase campaign T-shirts.A series of over 30 illustrations created to combine TOM\’s philanthropic message with their new brand look.

This provided a breadth of creative assets and digital content for our client both during the campaign and for months to come.


With no capacity to create video footage, we brainstormed creative ways to offer TOM\’s existing and future customers the brand\’s story in under 2 minutes.

Amalgamating emotive script-writing, bespoke piano music and line drawings offered a unique use of animation – to inspire and evoke emotion.

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