Toastrack Art Storage Rack




toastrack a sleek, aluminium and timber storage / holding rack for works of art on canvas and other surfaces – it also just happens to look like a giant toast rack!!!
• When assembled it measures 100 x 50 x 80 cm
• It has 8 divisions created by 9 vertical aluminium hoops slotted into a timber frame
• These 8 divisions hold up to 16 works on canvas and 2 or 3 times more on thinner surfaces
toastrack is also ideal for 3D art and for round boards, and as a drying rack.

Key Features


When creating toastrack the focus was on the needs of an artist
It had to –
• provide not only storage but act as a drying facility as well
• be able to accommodate 3D work and round boards
• keep art off the floor, off the wall and off each other
• have the artworks accessible, neat, and safe
• be environmentally friendly as well as pleasing to the eye
• be compact, portable and easy to post nationally and internationally.


As an environmentalist toastrack had to be planet friendly.
toastrack is made in Australia from sustainable plantation sourced timber and Australian aluminium.
Easy to assemble, the clean lines are a stylish solution for small studios, the home artist, art galleries, art schools, and for market days.
This unique portable structure can be shipped easily nationally and internationally.
Sales beyond Australia include customers as far away as the USA and UK


• toastrack is proud to be an eco-friendly product
• toastrack is designed by an artist and made in Australia by local artisans
• toastrack is a unique design in the global art world with universal appeal
• toastrack showcases the innovative design style of Victoria with its functionality and simplicity
• toastrack is the art of storage for the storage of art


Until now artists have had no simple, functional and compact way of storing and/or displaying artworks at different stages in their creation.

The ingeniously-designed, free-standing toastrack has been crafted to hold canvas sizes from as small as 30cm to as large as 122cm – almost the entire standard size range available off the shelf. With this being the answer for the needs of so many artists, it is a bonus that it packs to a size to comply with postal shipping standards and weighs under 6 kilos.

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