Tin Shed Charcuterie Co.


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The Tin Shed Charcuterie Company take a modern approach to French cooking using fresh quality Australian ingredients; a food fusion of two countries loved by the owner.

A complete identity roll out was required for the range of pâtés, rillettes and terrines.

Key Features


The identity for the Tin Shed Charcuterie Company is the result of a French Australian fusion; much like the product within.

The French provincial typography within the brand mark compliments an iconic Australian tin shed that is synonymous with the outback and inspired by great Australian artists like Fredrick McCubbin and Tom Roberts.

It is the illustrative technique that hides its origin within its French counterpart. The use of these familiar icons and styles encapsulates the essence of the product within and broadens appeal amongst new to category and fine food enthusiasts alike. Undeniably French recipes made with fresh, premium Australian produce.

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