• Filbert Tjangnaka
  • Monash University


time° is my vision on what a modern clock should look like. The design of clocks has not seen much change over the past centuries or so, part of the reason is because they are good at doing one thing it’s meant to do. To tell the time.
As we evolve we want to know more than just the time, we become more aware about our comfort and checking the temperature becomes as fundamental as checking the time. time° presents the information of temperature in a form of colour that is mounted on the hands of the clock.

Key Features


time° is a modern day clock that communicates more than just the information of time to the observer. By using colour changing LED that is dependant to the temperature outside, it is able to communicate the information of the weather to the observer on top of the traditional clock hands.


Time never stops and you shouldn\’t too. time° provides an experience where you could quickly tell what attire you are going to wear before you step out of the house, it is also ideal for an application in a building with no windows.


time° comes with a temperatures sensor the is placed outside to gather the latest and most accurate temperature readings around your area. The whole system is programmed via an Arduino that communicates between the temperature sensor and the LED.

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