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Timebirds is a pocket-sized workout timer that combines the functionalities of the classic wall-mounted gym timers with the convenience of wearables. It is purpose-built to be portable, durable, and highly visible.

Key Features


They’re pocket-sized and have a rechargeable battery.
Timebirds was designed to be the everyday athlete’s best travel companion, to keep them accountable in their workouts wherever they go. They are small enough to fit in your pocket, but still large enough to be clearly visible. The rechargeable battery enables up to 8hrs of workout and up to 30 hours of idle time. To prevent users ever worrying about the battery running out mid-workout, Timebirds will automatically prompt a low-level battery warning when required. To charge, simply plug Timebirds in with the USB-C cable provided and continue to enjoy full functionality during charging.


They’re fully operational without the need of a phone or remote.
While phones and wearables have any number of apps, they are expensive and fragile. They often go to sleep mid-workout and their reflective screens can be hard to see. Timebirds have been purpose-built to operate as stand-alone devices, enabling athletes to remain fully focused on their training, All settings and modes are easily accessible using the soft keys located on top, so there is no need for a remote control or phone app. The only thing you need to take with you for your training is your Timebirds timer. A comprehensive selection of modes are available:
· Count Up Timer
· Count Up Timer by rounds eg. EMOM
· Count Down Timer
· Count Down Timer by rounds
· Custom Timers for Interval Training eg. Tabata
· A normal Clock and even an Alarm clock !


They have a built-in magnetic spine.
The other issue using phones at the gym is to find a safe, secure, and visible place to put them. To solve this problem, Timebirds were designed to comfortably stand independently, but also have a magnetic spine to allow them to be attached to any metallic surface. This enables Timebirds users to position their timer in the perfect position almost anywhere.


They have a retro look, sporting classic, bright LEDs.
Timebirds have to be strong enough to survive in the sweatiest gym environments. Their design incorporates classic 7-segment LEDs, known for their robustness and striking brightness. This technology has been used for decades and is proven to be extremely reliable. This also gives Timebirds an extremely bright display, and if that’s too much for you, a dimming function is incorporated as well.


They have a number of other great features:
· The Firmware is upgradable so new functions can be added in the future
· Timebirds are totally serviceable, with a replaceable battery
· The design uses minimal components and is designed for disassembly for full recycling
· They come in minimal packaging that is fully recyclable
· There is no Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or Apps, just simple and functional

Timebirds were designed and built-in Victoria. We raised over $1m on Kickstarter, putting Timebirds in the top 0.5% projects of all time, giving it significant early commercial success.

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