‘Thirlmere’ Rug, by Julia Gentil of Tsar Carpets


  • Tsar Carpets


Name: ‘Thirlmere’
Product: Handtufted Rug
Yarn: 100% New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk
PileType/Height: 8mm, Cut Pile
Colour: Cardamom
Dimensions: 2000mm x 3000mm
Designer: Julia Gentil

Dusk at Thirlmere Lake in rural NSW causes the water reeds to mystically reflect and shimmer on the lake’s surface. The beauty of this asymmetrical reflected glow was spellbinding enough to inspire this rug half a decade later, once the gradation technique was developed and perfected.

Transition of fibre (NZ wool and bamboo silk) and hue is a fine art and a very complex technique in execution, but the net effect is one of humble serenity and a homage to nature itself.

Key Features


For many decades hand-tufted rugs have been given very little inventive design and manufacture attention. In recognition of this underutilised potential, I set myself the goal of producing innovative, beautiful and artistic rugs, in the highest quality fibres at less than half the price of knotted. \’Thirlmere\’ pushes the technique beyond the familiar by gradating both hue and fibre along in non-linear directions. The net result is a rug art piece not only unlike any other tufted rug, but technically not possible within the linear loom structure of traditional knotted rugs. Innovation, art and opportunity for the floor!

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