The Werribee Tree House


  • Play9 Studios
  • Pacific Group of Companies
  • QIC


The Werribee Tree House – It’s not every day you get to uncover a three-storey Tree House in your shopping centre food court. Slide, climb, interact and discover a world where physical and interactive entwine.

The challenge was to create something visually memorable and playful in a shopping centre to attract new members of the community to this particular food court. All within commercial realities and restrictions that occur in such an environment, such as existing structure, roof, pillars and tenants.

Key Features


Inspired by the neighbouring “Werribee” Zoo, we wanted to go one step further than the animals. So, we designed and built a three-story Tree House, designed to work around the current roofline, pillar and foodcourt.

Our Tree House has become a talking and meeting point for families. Creating a unique indoor Tree House allowed us to include varying degrees of play, from our stunning giant slinky to an incredible slide.

By blending physical and digital play we are attracting families and children of all interests. Our interactive game The Wild Waterhole brings the local Savannah Zoo Animals into the centre!


Ultimately the centre is the retail hub of multiple new and existing suburbs, this growing and changing community of Werribee required a sense of belonging, the need to have a local centre that they are proud of, that reassures them they are in a community that understands their new and evolving needs as a family and progressive destination.

A unique Play Space that alternate centres do not have, validates their choice of destination. In addition, tenancies in the area have increased and been secured based on the strategy to draw new families to the dining precinct.


Subtle details like the physical tree shapes find themselves IN the interactive Game, connecting the physical environment to the digital. In addition to the game pack: The Wild Waterhole, we have created a library of games, appealing to varying age groups, skill-sets and solo vs group play. Allowing the centre to change content based on times of day or seasonal content such as Christmas and Easter.

The entire playspace is all connected to our backend system called IM: allowing full control over different games, sound and lighting – and also access to user analytics.

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