The Ugly Truth


  • Ricky Chiu


A 3d paper cut burger displaying the average ingredients of a fast food burger with details about the factual information behind the manufacturing of those ingredients, additives and some of the side effects they can cause.

Key Features


A project that helps raise awareness about some of the little known chemicals and additives put in fast food ingredients. This creates an opportunity for people to learn more about what they are eating.
It shows the manufacturing is efficiently making aesthetically appealing food that caters to most but at a hidden cost to the consumer.


These design concepts can impact businesses providing fast food burgers as some people may use such information to rethink the food they choose to consume, thus changing their eating habits and possibly cause financial loss to fast food outlets. It can also cause a change in wide spread social trends with enough recognition.


This design led digital project has transformed my approach in idea generation to incorporate both social and individual impacts of my projects. This design has helped me to integrate background knowledge as a key in each process of future activities that I undertake.


The concept is to promote an educated awareness in the audience, with a visual design to enhance the experience. This and similar concepts across multiple platforms have paved the way towards food industry changes and a larger amount of fresh over frozen products being used. This has set a new benchmark and higher standards, especially for the fast food industry.


The most important key feature for this concept is the overall awareness of knowing more about the food you incorporate into your regular diet as well as understanding of what that food contains and the impact it can have on children, your health and daily life. It is also a prime example of \”Knowledge is Power\”.

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