The Sub Divide


  • Grosz Co Lab


The Sub Divide – a book curated, designed and directed by Grosz Co Lab – is an inspiring resource featuring 30 highly regarded Australian photographers recommended by and for the creative industry.

The selection of work within the book offers insight into each photographer’s practice – a concertina cover expressing the relationship between commercial & personal work as merely a sub-division.

Designed with a palette that explores light, form & tactility, the book showcases across 204 pages the finest paper, print and finishing so as to also serve as an invaluable specifying tool for designers and communications specialists.

Key Features


Each categorised section of the book showcases a corresponding complimentary paper that heroes the photography and highly unique embellishments and binding methods – sparking question and engagement around the book’s production throughout the industry.

Most importantly for the commissioning client, BJ Ball Paper, industry demand for the book far exceeded supply and generated an unprecedented level of enquiries and presentation requests of their sales team from both new and existing clients.


The 30 featured photographers gained increased and unique exposure to key commissioners of commercial photographic work.

Curated as a series of responses to the categories ‘People’, ‘Place’, ‘Pieces’ & ‘Passion’, The Sub Divide’s content is an eclectic and considered selection of images from photographers who share a dedication to their craft.

A diverse selection are featured, including established photographers who gained exposure to newer studios & markets, and younger photographers still building their networks.

Along with the index that is a key feature of the book, an aligned website directed online traffic to each photographer’s folio to encourage direct connections.


The project fostered community across the creative industries by harnessing the power of true collaboration.

A reminder of the physical value of print, the project drew together a collective of production specialists, dedicated to their craft, to bring to life this unique resource and has enabled new commercial relationships to develop with previously elusive clients and markets.

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