The Rich Cultural Life of Victoria on Culture Victoria.


  • Culture Victoria
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Carter Digital


Bring order and hierarchy to everything within in the Victorian archives and ecosystem, a whooping 700 organisations with cultural collections – all without editing a single image. The challenge, then, was how to accommodate both active and passive readers: from the serious researchers’ who need fast, factually accurate, collection searches, to the more casual topic-focused reader looking for information about historical events and personal stories.

Key Features


Creating and refining a series flexible, modular design system that highlights the scale and breadth of content whilst encouraging deeper engagement into each vertical.


Highly-customisable content modules allow for a variance in visual browsing and enable the editorial team to better articulate its stories.


Optimised article pages and photo galleries address an array of consumption behaviours, from passive browsing and “snacking” on content, to digging deep into the Culture Victoria archives.


A search-to-end all searches – allowing simultaneous access to tens of collections searches all without leaving the website.


A design system that encourages editorial creativity, and allows the content determine the layout of a page. With a digital style guide for the future.

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