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While the world spent the past six months figuring out how to cope with COVID-19’s “new reality,” TSAR Carpets’ Head Designer, Ross Cleland, channeled his creative spirit into a series of beautiful floor covering designs. Using nature as the inspiration and art as the means, the collection of 7 designs was created using free-flowing liquid inks, giving the designs a beautiful, unstructured quality. Ross found his retreat by the river next to his house, discovering a renewed artistic vigor during lockdown, experimenting with new colours, patterns and techniques. The end results are soothing carpet designs flowing with positive, wholesome energy.

Key Features


Framed around the future of hospitality design but suitable for a wide variety of interior styles, TSAR’s Retreat Axminster carpets add visual movement and flow underfoot. By using interchangeable colours, each design can take on a new meaning and purpose to suit the location. Designs can be applied with individual room placement or as continuous patterned carpet. Specification, colours, and image scale can also be altered to suit any project. Although the collection was created with passion in very short moments, these carefree minutes can be enjoyed for years.


The collection uses the standard 80% NZ wool and 20% nylon in order to ensure durability for high-use hospitality and commercial spaces. NZ Wool is the primary fibre used as it is a renewable fibre that helps regulate humidity, resulting in a lower energy usage. It’s naturally fire retardant and stain resistant, therefore using less chemicals to clean. It uses far less natural resources, requiring less energy to produce than synthetic fibres. NZ Wool is the premium fibre.


The Retreat Axminster Collection demonstrates the value of nature, art and its impact on design. TSAR is able to translate natural forms and textures into soft flooring using expert, proprietary technology and manufacturing techniques. This put Australian design on the map. The collection also draws on uniquely Australian scenes – rivers and the bush, referencing throughout the story and processes.


In a true fusion of art and technology, TSAR is able to realise Cleland’s vision into Axminster carpet that is bespoke to the architecture. Standard Axminster carpet appearance is traditionally plain cut pile—which means manufacturers would usually need to simulate the pattern’s visual depth (such as using trompé-l\’œil effects) for the users. TSAR, however, offers three proprietary techniques to deliver custom, large-scale carpet and rug designs that allows for true textured feel and semblance: carving, loop pile and raised Kristal pile. This also allows the product to be more luxurious to suit higher end interiors.

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