The Quays


  • McBride Charles Ryan
  • MAB Corporation Pty Ltd


\’The Quays\’ is a mixed-use and apartment development by MAB Corporation in the NewQuay precinct of Melbourne\’s Docklands. Its sinuous form offers a sensual counterpoint to the series of sentinel towers that currently line the waters\’ edge. Located on a prominent intersection, \’The Quays\’ provides a major new frontage and potentially new perception of the Docklands. In addition to punctuating this significant corner with a new local landmark, the towers provide a figurehead to the series of existing towers.

Key Features


This project provides a huge variety and diversity of housing choices. A key goal was to avoid a monoculture in the precinct. In addition to this variety there are multiple interior design expressions, many apartment types, sizes and price points that will assist in attracting a rich and diverse community to the Docklands. Here the Developers have made an exceptional investment in both the extent and design of the projects shared residents facilities. All residents and visitors have access to these facilities; they enhance their enjoyment of life, promote socialization, communal integration and business networking opportunities.


The Developers and Architects, in collaboration with the Places Victoria and MCC, have produced an ambitious project that attempts to address the public realm weaknesses of the Docklands environment. In this project they have sought to suppress the dominance of the car parking podium, to provide a permeable building with the formal and informal passages and pathways that you would find in a traditional city. These public spaces are activated by programs and are elaborated by intense, differentiated and engaging design elements.


This building enhances the legibility and the quality of its urban environment. At a macro scale the elegant twin towers present a genuine gateway to the Docklands from Dudley Street. At the podium or mid-level, diverse architectural expressions respond to their immediate contexts. At a detailed, micro level the precinct has an exceptional diversity and intensity, qualities that we all love and seek out in our urban environments.

The project makes public its well-designed residential facilities to improve the pedestrian experience. The design provides spaces for future commercial activities adjacent to its key urban interfaces.


To enhance the public experience of the precinct, the Architects and Developers have incorporated five individual public art projects. These provide an ‘art journey’ for visitors. Currently under construction, the new ‘Monument Park’ on the New Quay Promenade, an Architect/Artist/Landscape collaboration, will be the culmination of that journey.

The incorporation of Art, careful apartment layouts, the use of innovative materials such as glass reinforced polymers, high performance glass and expressive plaster moulding are just a few of the significant innovations in this project.

The Quays represents a new standard of urban design which future developments will need to aspire to.

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