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How do you spark radical change in your industry when you’re worried about the direction it’s taking?

For 26 years Hoyne has been working within the property sector as a branding specialist.

Principal, Andrew Hoyne noted the emergence of worrying trends over that time, where short-sighted development and disregard for placemaking had undermined the future prosperity and social buoyancy of communities.

He wanted to create a book that would spread the message that places created with people at their heart attract higher financial returns, economic upswing and improved community wellbeing.

Key Features


The book sets new standards of innovation within the property industry. Its initial role is to highlight some of the incredible projects across the globe that showcase the brilliant outcomes that arise when government, commerce and communities listen to each other and collaborate in the building of cities. Its goal is to demonstrate and set out new benchmarks which inspire the responsible creation of places, ones that benefit our children and future generations, and that fuel an upswing in economic performance and community wellbeing.


We see this publication as a meaningful tool for conveying a critical topic to a larger audience. It is designed to be used as a cheat sheet for key decision and policy makers. Major developers and architects including Frasers Property Australia, Lendlease, Mirvac, Bates Smart, Woods Bagot and Elenberg Fraser are now in possession of the book, which has been purchased by readers as far afield as the UK, Europe and America. It is distributed free of charge to key decision makers and sold to interested parties – with 100 per cent of proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity Australia.


Principles outlined in the book have already been put into action by Hoyne, in collaboration with key clients, transforming existing projects. The first is Woodlea, a Victorian master planned development by Mirvac. The vision behind this development (a projected 7,000 new homes, 29km from Melbourne’s CBD) was momentous. In 2016 Woodlea achieved recognition as Australia’s fastest selling community. The second is Maroochydore by SunCentral, a new central business district that will provide a $5.9 billion boost for the Queensland economy and generate 15,000 jobs within the next decade, transforming this sleepy town to a thriving, future-focused city.


The Place Economy has revolutionised the way Hoyne interacts with its clients. We now collaborate with the entire development team from the project’s early inception to advise on how to achieve the best possible outcome, from both a social and economic perspective. Hoyne also now holds monthly industry events in its Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane studios to educate leaders and key decision makes by showing how innovative placemaking can attract business to communities and cities, improve economies and change the way a community sees itself.


Hoyne are now sought as key thought leaders within the industry, and are regularly invited to speak at high profile events. To date Hoyne Partner, Lee Valentine and Principal, Andrew Hoyne have spoken at the International Urban Design Conference, WORKTECH17, Mainstreet Conference, Vivid Ideas, and on SKY News Real Estate on the subject of the book. The book gained international exposure when it was reviewed by The Place Brand Observer who called it an “invaluable source of information and inspiration [that] should be within arm’s reach of any professional seriously engaged in the brand development or management of cities”.

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