The Pass-A-Ball Project


  • Park Social Soccer Co.


Passion for soccer is universal. Opportunity is not.

1 billion kids live in poverty.
29 million kids are refugees.

Millions of these kids live in despair, many are grieving the loss of family or feeling alienated and scared. These feelings lead to serious mental and physical health problems.

Kids love soccer! And playing soccer can improve their mental and physical health.

That’s why we started the Pass-A-Ball Project. Buy a PARK ball and we will pass an identical ball to a kid in need.

Key Features


For every ball sold we donated an identical ball to kids and communities in need.

We collaborate with artists to create a new image of what a soccer ball looks like.

We provide an environment where kids from different backgrounds can discuss the imbalance of opportunity in the world and create change.

We are a credible brand choice for kids and youth, giving them a way to create positive change through a game they love.

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