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The Paper Saver Notebook is the solution to put your old printouts to further use, reducing waste, and helping the environment – in a stylish way.

Made from quality faux leather, the Paper Saver encases a functionally designed spring steel binder to simply yet cleverly allow you to insert your own scrap paper so the back blank sides of the otherwise would-be discarded paper become pages of your bounded notebook – professional with a modern edge, subtly showcasing your support of the environment.

Continue to replenish with old printouts – your endless supply of pages for your Paper Saver.

Key Features


Jon Yong, a Melbourne architect, grew tired of seeing so many sheets of draft designs become obsolete almost as soon as they came off the printer, still warm. The perfectly pristine white back blank sides were almost begging to be used before being tossed into the recycling bin. He therefore constructed a device with a pocket inside to insert the paper so that once folded, he could easily write on the blank sides. Since commercialisation in 2015, the design was improved and updated this year with a spring steel binder replacing the pocket to secure the paper.


The type of faux leather chosen as the outer and inner covers of the Paper Saver is a smooth, scratch-resistant material with a soft touch not only for aesthetic purposes, but more importantly, to ensure it is truly the last notebook you ever need. The inner cover was specifically designed to use faux leather as well – as opposed to the card or paper stock used in other regular notebooks – to keep the Paper Saver safe from spills so you’d only have to replace the soaked paper. The Paper Saver was designed to be a notebook we’d personally want.


The Paper Saver helps the environment by ensuring that each piece of paper is fully utilised, thereby reducing paper waste. We print presentations in the office, drafts that are discarded once proofread, printing mistakes that make the paper obsolete as soon as they come off the printer – so why not make the most of each piece of paper with the Paper Saver?
We cut down 4 billion trees around the world annually to make paper. Paper is recyclable to be renewed, but the collection, transportation, and reproduction of paper waste requires yet more energy and other natural resources.


The Paper Saver’s original design consisted of a plastic pocket sleeve in which the paper was inserted. This had a weakness in having to pull the paper out after one side was used to use the other blank side. Hence Jon worked on improving the design to resolve this issue. The new design with the spring steel binder became the new Paper Saver that ironed out this issue, and launched April 2017. The refreshed design garnered enhanced interest, and customer satisfaction and quality standards have been perfected to 100% – measured by number of product complaints, which stands at 0.


Endless paper supply – no one can guess that inside your modern, stylish notebook is actually recycled paper, subtly showcasing your support of the environment. Once you finish using the paper’s blank sides, simply replenish with more of your discarded paper on a continued basis. Not only do you never have to buy another notebook again, but you are also helping the environment by reducing paper waste. We hope that one by one, the Paper Saver is able to contribute to the environment through reducing paper waste and the carbon emissions produced, and the number of trees cut down.

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