The Original ‘Advance Australia’ Chair


  • John Hinds Artist


This chair defies the prevailing serious approach, and goes for instant image and humour! It is as much a domestic toy as it is a seat, being modelled on the (now obsolete) plastic school stencil. The map’s perforations suggest the use of finger joints. Other trivial features have been enlarged beyond reason, and poor old Tasmania ends up on the floor, chained to the mainland! It is a statement hall chair for perching on, not a restaurant chair designed for long term ergonomic comfort! It harks back nostalgically to the folk art and classic Australiana of the 1930’s!

Key Features


• One-process local manufacturing (Laser cut), from one Australian made sustainable material (25mm Hoop Pine- Araucaria Cunninghamii)
• Local finishing in 2 pack polyurethane.
• Can be delivered flat packed, then accurately user-constructed, using simple tools and fixings.
• Child’s version is available in 19mm Hoop Pine plywood, with multi-colour finish.
• The hollow seat also functions as a cat house!

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