The Odyssey


  • Ng Sheng Yong


The Odyssey, an ancient Greek epic by Homer, was first released as a printed edition only in 1488. Originally meant to be recited by an aoidos or rhapsode, the 12110 lines of dactylic hexameter give the poem a rhythm that cannot be experienced by simply reading text. In 2002, Rodney Merrill published a translation which replicates each line according to the original oral delivery using the English language\’s stressed-based intonations instead of the Greek\’s syllable-based timing. This edition of the book serves as an educational homage to Homer\’s original aural epic.

Key Features


Both original Greek text and English translation are placed in a line-by-line comparison, with the two types of rhythm distinguished by annotations. Literary devices used are also highlighted and explained in footnotes. Additionally, the dust jacket flaps can be used to cover the footnotes and double up as a legend for clear and easy referencing.

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