The New Derby Jockey


  • Aussie Rider Safety Pty Ltd
  • Calprime Pty Ltd


The number of fatalities and serious head injuries in horse racing and training prompted the Australian Racing Board to introduce a new High Performance helmet standard in 2012 (called ARB HS 2012). The standard sought to afford jockeys with motorcycle level head protection. The design challenge was to provide such protection in a helmet that would be suitable in size and weight for jockeys and trackriders.
Two years of R & D into impact absorption and jockeys needs were incorporated into the design of the New Derby Jockey, a much safer helmet which still meets rider needs.

Key Features


-Laboratory testing has shown that compared with current helmets, the ARB 2 helmet (called the New Derby Jockey) is capable of halving a riders’ chances of a moderate (MBI) or severe brain injury (SBI). Hence, I believe the Australian Racing Board by October 1st this year will mandate ARB HS 2012 Certified helmets.
-Helmet has the approval of the Australian Jockey Association.
-Incorporated into the design is the latest head fitting system for greatly improved helmet stability.
-Ventilation has been incorporated into design to meet rider needs in warmer parts of Australia.

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