The Muggino® Smart Mug


  • OTARED Pty. Ltd.
  • Dream Launch Pty. Ltd.
  • Andrew Bowen


As a true piece of smart innovation the Muggino Mug brings technology and science to a practical everyday use. By self regulating its internal temperature it can quickly adjust to the optimal level from steaming hot to freezing cold. User preference and controls can be easily configured via the smartphone app or physical interface. At the same time, the Muggino Mug can even recharge its own power supply by capturing the otherwise wasted energy provided by hot beverages.

Key Features


With a quality travel mug we hope to reduce the consumption of one time use products such as to-go cups, straws, and lids.

Muggino also saves energy used by eliminating the need to regularly reheat or cool beverages.

In capturing energy from dissipating heat it can self recharge further reducing consumption.

Using double wall construction, vacuum sealed chambers, and thermal insulation it prevents any further loss.

Designing parts for efficient manufacturing it reduces the material and energy use while in production. In addition, designing parts for disassembly allows ease of recycling at product’s end of life.


– Using energy harvesting technology, the Muggino will reduce the energy wasted everyday making it an overall more sustainable drinking vessel.

– Made from lightweight aluminum and durable BPA free plastic the product is designed for everyday use and long product life cycle to minimize impact.

– With a complete overhaul of the design crowdfunding increased from little over $5,000 to over over $77,000 putting it 130% over its funding goal.

– Featured in over 10 tech blogs and press releases including Trend Hunter, Gadget Flow, Android Authority, and more.
Additional private funding has also secured the need for tooling and production.


In designing the Muggino Mug we worked through a thorough process to research, analyze, and test all solutions. We closely reviewed the landscape to determine our target as a high-end early adopter moved by technology and innovation. We validated our choices through consumer surveys narrowing down concepts to one that was bold in design, thoughtful in function, and futuristic in appearance.

This design language has transformed both the identity and mission of the company. To achieve such a well crafted product we’ve painstakingly designed, developed, and tested every feature to assure its quality meets the demand of its customers.


– Vertical channels serve a functional purpose in capturing ambient air to regulate temperature and formed for ease of manufacturing and cleaning.

– The carrying handle serves to reduce interference and provide location for thumb operated controls. With open design it can fit into any common cup holder.

– A unique secure cap gives ultimate portability that can be opened with a thumb from either right or left hand users and allow drinking from any side or angle.

– The non slip cork Muggi Pad, provides both a coaster and convenient wireless charging.

– With durable waterproof enclosure is both dishwasher safe and long lasting.


– Internal capacity was designed for both Australian and US markets holding a common 355 ml or 12 fl ounces.

– External tapered design fits into common cup holders with a max diameter of 75 mm while not exceeding maximum height to fit under dash consoles.

– Lightweight cast aluminum and deep drawn stainless bodies provide high quality construction ideal for thermal conduction.

– Smartphone app provides accurate controls that can save user preference while physical controls and lid mechanism provide haptic feedback that can work independently while on the go.

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