The Love ( Hope ) Seat


  • Lineal Furniture
  • Jon Mikulic
  • Newline Design


Today more than ever the idea or hope of being “close ” again is in itself aspiring.

The notion of ‘close’ conversation inspired the interconnecting curved forms making for a striking piece worthy of conversation itself.

The Love Seat is an interconnected seating design.

Designed, manufactured using local materials and proudly on display in Melbourne, Victoria.

Key Features


This piece of furniture has been designed for the user experience , simply put the seat brings the users together – close, but not uncomfortable, apart but not distant.
The design is considered, whimsical and refined.
The materials common place yet surprising sophisticated.
Is it evident the project has gone through a professional design process -the curving of the plywood structure is achieved using a routed pattern which maintains its strength yet allows it create an tight curved form.

The Love Seat is all about the user experience , comfort closeness, whimsy, happiness – Hope.


It becomes very apparent on first view and first use that the seat has the potential to create a positive social impact. in these times especially.
In aspiring to return to a normal closeness the Love Seat reminds us of the fragility of our time and what we can all look forward to in hope.

Materials – sustainable plywood and kangaroo hide.
Both of these products are sustainably and socially responsibly sourced.
Plywood from sustainably managed plantation timbers and hides which are a by-product of commercially culled kangaroo. The Vegetable tanned Kangaroo Leather is professionally tanned by us using Wattle Bark extracts.
Both of these materials have been produced with minimal environmental impact

This product has been designed and manufactured in Melbourne – all materials have been sourced locally in Victoria which in itself makes significant inroads in keeping manufacturing local to Victoria and minimizing environmental impacts in the reduction in transportation costs throughout the entire process.
Waste has been reduced by using entire sheets of ply with minimal offcuts , and hides used entirely with scraps used within the seating for fixing and additional reinforcement and strength.


Lineal furniture invested in local design talent to establish and new furniture brand in Melbourne, Victoria.
Victorian designers, Victorian manufacturers, Victorian materials.
the benefits are evident in its first range of diverse and innovative products.
Investing in local design is paramount to this success and uniqueness of the brand.
Victoria’s design culture is embraced and highlighted in the Lineal brand – using experienced architects and designers alongside novice and upcoming designers – some who have never designed furniture.

Embracing design, sharing knowledge, nurturing talent and design are all key ingredients in the Lineal Furniture brand.


The product creates a new opportunity in its innovative shape and form.
The curved structure of the seat is formed by using an innovative and intricate design that allows a rigid material to bend yet maintain its strength and integrity.

The prototype work on the plywood curving has led to numerous other applications in joinery, furniture and lighting.

The product is unique in todays furniture market.
At a time when we are told we must keep our distance it offers hope that some day soon we will return to the idea of being unashamedly close.

The Loveseat is all about the user experience – its eye-catching, provocative, whimsical and beautifully made.


Some of our life’s precious possessions can’t be measured in terms of money. Passed on through families over several generations, it is the memory of seeing these objects as children that resonates for years to come. Furniture that has a ‘voice’ or personality is integral to the Lineal range. Designs that tell a story, as well as showing exceptional craftsmanship. Unlike most furniture produced today, these great stories are intended to be shared for generations to come.

I am proud to be a part of this journey – Jon Mikulic

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