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Sometimes, there’s no argument about where to draw the line in friendships and relationships. But the line can get blurry.

The Line is for young people. It talks about relationships, gender, sex, bystander action, technology and communication.

It’s about how to keep behaviours healthy and respectful, avoiding crossing the line that makes someone feel frightened, intimidated or diminished.

The goal is to prevent violence before it occurs by addressing underlying factors that contribute to violence against women.

The principle aim of the campaign is to encourage young people to develop healthy and respectful relationships through changing attitudes that support violence.

Key Features


The campaign aims to achieve the following:

1 Address the key contributors to violence against women

2 Challenge rigid adherence to gender roles, gender inequality and violence support attitudes, and making them unacceptable

3 Define, promote, commend and normalise healthy and respectful attitudes and behaviours

4 Define behaviours that ‘cross the line’

5 Support parents, teachers and other influencers to shape the development of healthy attitudes and behaviours in young

6 Encourage young people to break the cycle of violence.


The Line’s objectives are to:

1 Increase the knowledge of young people across genders and cultural backgrounds, regarding the components of respectful relationships including open communication, listening, equality, trust, respect and
consideration of others.

2 Increase understanding within the primary target audience regarding the dimensions of violent and abusive relationships, including physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural and verbal abuse and neglect.

3 Raise awareness within the primary target audience regarding the effects of violence in relationships.

4 Change behaviours within the primary target audience to reduce and eliminate violence in relationships


The design solution:

Canyon provided a solution that dealt with the issues that are important to teenagers and executed it in a way that they relate to. No bullshit, factual,
edgy, fun.

We conveyed a positive message – about how to succeed in establishing and maintaining positive teen relationships rather than yet another lecture
about what not to do.

The Line is cool, useful and straight talking. It helps teenagers see the line before they cross it.

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