The Konpakuto


  • RMIT


The Konpakuto (Con-pac-toe) desk is an organised conventional desk with a contemporary twist that draws on Japanese minimalistic culture and traditional wood craftsmanship. Existing solutions are not able to integrate productivity for working and the comfort of domestic life. The desk is designed to help young professionals increase efficiency, so that working arrangements are more flexible and comfortable. Hopefully over time, consumers will gradually adapt to the simplistic design of the desk by changing the way they traditionally behave.

Key Features


The hidden storage is easily accessible with slide out top features, so that if any items that are left on the surface it will not need to be moved. It is a new, intriguing and interactive way of accessing the storages via sliding the top surface life instead of standard drawers.


This design approach will hopefully encourage consumers to change their behaviour towards putting things away in the storage that are provided, rather than leaving things on the desk that will accumulate into a mess. The compartment at the back is a designated space for a surge-board protector, a special cord management feature that helps to keep the desk surface neat and tidy.

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