The Japara Way – Gamified eLearning in Aged Care


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The Japara Way is a first of its kind, gamified e-learning app, designed specifically with and for Australia’s Aged Care workforce.

Inspired by, choose your own adventure game books, The Japara Way is a digital training platform placing choice in the hands of the player and revealing outcomes based on individual decisions.

Created by games designers and workplace trainers, players are educated in specific areas of aged-care customer service and trained to make better decisions over time.

This gameful experience is designed to improve retained learning for staff and provide better care outcomes for aged care residents and their families.

Key Features


The Japara Way exemplifies excellence in many aspects of design and particularly functionality.

The core purpose of the project is to improve customer service and meet national compliance standards. The design targets aesthetics and usability for the end user (primarily 54-year-old female, English as a second language) and places them in the role of protagonist in the chapter simulations.

To ensure design excellence, the project was co-designed with end users and aged care experts to meet relevant safety and quality standards in the sector.

The human-centred design approach includes; self-paced learning, friendly guided audio and an intuitive games interface.


This disruptive approach to the aged care workforce learning and development is already delivering social and commercial benefits for Japara.

At a commercial level, the project is achieving its targeted impact by significantly reducing training costs while simultaneously improving learning outcomes. Additionally, the project delivered unanticipated benefits in providing Japara with accurate and rich data insights around its workforce.

At a social level, by designing fun into the project we improved the learning experience for Japara staff which meant the learning was retained at a higher level and a higher quality of care was delivered to residents and their families.


The Japara Way has the potential to disrupt learning and development in the Aged Care Sector globally. By coalescing Mighty’s game design excellence with the domain expertise of Japara, the project delivered a truly user focussed and authoritative aged care learning experience platform.

Japara’s aspirational vision in engaging a professional games design team to deliver this project is testimony to their determination to innovate through design.

The design principals utilised in this project have applications beyond the aged care sector.

The project illustrates the benefits of professional participatory design by two of Victoria’s divergent but enterprising companies.


The Australian aged care sector training is largely serviced by outdated, resource intensive delivery methods.

Mighty worked with Japara to develop an innovative and original, user focussed, anytime anywhere edutainment platform to modernise workforce learning.

The project is ground-breaking for the aged care sector by employing contemporary gamification mechanics to engage, stimulate and activate lasting behaviour change with time poor yet passionate aged care workers.

For example, the platform employs an avatar system with 1.2 million combinations to play out in branching narrative simulations. These stories draw the user deeper into the learning experience and connect them to the platform.


Accessible design: benefiting users with older or slower devices and ones who are unavailable during standard training schedules.

Asynchronous learning: the freedom to learn without time constraints of a traditional classroom environment.

Bespoke content: taking into account the subject matter and the working practices of the organisation.

Bitesize learning: focusing training on a single, very specific outcome results in greater knowledge retention than trying to cover multiple topics across a theme.

Branching narratives: the content can vary based on decisions the user makes. This is fundamental to games based learning and important for immersive training such as systems simulations.

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