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The Isolation Diaries developed by Melbourne-based design studio, Clear as a platform to keep company motivation while bringing some joy to others during Melbourne’s Covid-19 lockdown.
Designed as an inspiration journal, a record of ideas and memories, as a conversation starter that connects directly with our friends and clients—digitally—in a way that feels honest and from the heart.

Broken into four main chapters of Reading, Watching, Making and Listening each section explores articles, stories and playlists curating by the Clear team. A snapshot of the issues with a distinctly Melbourne feel.

Key Features


Clear has a passion for beautiful design, typography, big concepts applied with a worldly view.

Clear was approached by Los Angeles based Lorcan O’Herlihan Architects to collaborate on the Isolation Diaries, bringing a fresh global perspective to the project. This collaboration enabled Clear to establish new working relationships into the United States and have the Isolation Diaries distributed into potential five thousand new clients inboxes.

Each of the four volumes also features a special guest creative originally from Victoria to tell share what lockdown has looked like from a Californian perspective.


The Isolation Diaries have been an innovative way to connect on ideas with our staff, friends and colleges. It has provided us with a vehicle to explore in a uniquely Melbourne and design-led way.

It has enabled Clear staff to nurture their love of writing, design, typography, colour, animation, use of new mediums, publishing, the discipline of committing to timelines and urgency to discover of new ideas. Our clients have been enthusiastic to receive each issue that is published every Wednesday at 2.30pm (As an EDM and as a webpage on our website).

The platform has enabled Clear to share our personal interests and know that others are interested in these ideas.


Clear has engaged with our clients, colleagues and friends directly into their inbox. Sharing interesting articles, stories, recipes and playlists in a time when in Covid-19 lockdown we are all looking for support.

We consciously decided at the time of conceiving the idea that the Isolation Diaries should be a vehicle to connect and inspire. Providing some light relief to the realities of being in lockdown and if we could provide a virtual sugar hit to your week.


Clear reinvigorated the EDM format to create an engaging short-form snapshot of inspiration and care over bravado and salesmanship. We do this through the use of oversized, bold typography with cryptic headlines and fast paces copy. Hyperlinks are embedded into each story and each Volume has over thirty articles to explore.

We look to support local retailers, restaurants and providores. We give tips on how to make veggie patches, replant cuttings and make meals from three ingredients. We create Spotify playlist based on themes and discover new Podcasts and rediscover movies that can be nostalgic or inspiring. We highlight the best in the world when at times in isolation it does not feel so great.


Ten key things to know about the Isolation Diaries

1—It was designed to combat the feeling of isolation during lockdown.
2—It is a team-building by encouraging staff to share their personal interests.
3—It is design lead and engaging to read.
4—The content is a snapshot of what is happening in this time.
5—We connect with people through ideas.
6—The collation of articles and ideas are eclectic and of the moment.
7—The content locally inspired to engage with our clients and colleagues in Melbourne and around the world.
8—We have honed our writing and publishing skills.
9—The Isolation Diaries have very high open and click rates.
10—The bittersweet reality of the Isolation Diaries is it will cease when Stage Three restrictions end.

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