The Interactive Garment


  • RMIT University


The Interactive garment is a garment that is designed, pattern made and constructed to be worn like another garment. This is used to cross the sociological boarder of gender while encouraging a childish exploration of dress and presentation.

Key Features


The use of discussing gender neutrality within dress has been often touched upon- while my practice is knowledgeable on those aspects I am to make something new that is based from traditions and archetypes found in society, culture and most of all dress. Because of this, wearers are free to recognise a familiarity to the garments but are free to challenge the tropes and act of dress.


I aim to impact the wider community with a challenge to view clothes as not such a rigorous, set-in-stone confides, at what age did we stop enjoying dressing up? This is something that I find most in the queer community who have adopted a unique lense to inspect clothing with, wanting to reflect their identity to dress. This can be seen a challenge of traditional fashion models and flipping them on their head. The Interactive Garment is an answer to these sociological issues.


The transformation has been seen as it is the sheer basis of which I am developing my practice. While using the my Honours collection to investigate the practice-led concept and gestation, I plan of continuing this into my Masters degree and beyond into my own namesake label.


The basis of making a garment that can be worn like another, for example; a Men\’s Duster Coat that can be worn as a Women\’s Evening Skirt is the sheer definition of innovation within fashion. It takes a designer index of; Margeila, Balenciaga and Gvasalia and adds intense patternmaking knowledge. Inserting armholes, gender neutral button fastening and aesthetics or reworked Leopard Print to show a highly innovative yet marketable collection.

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