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The Identity Journal is a self-published annual publication by leading Melbourne based creative agency TANK Branding. It explores the ideas, brands, people and insights that surround us every day; influencing our behaviour, our social circles, our businesses, organisations and at times, our ideals.

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We live in the greatest of times. We are all able to influence the shape of business, force industries to rethink business models and lead change towards the highest levels of government – ideas are now currency and the speed at which they travel is beyond our imagination.
Brands, people and ideas work together to shape our identity. Frustrated that there wasn’t a publication that explored the impact of brands from this perspective – let alone one from an Australian viewpoint – we took the lead in creating The Identity Journal.


The brief we set ourselves was tough; to replace our annual publication of case studies by shifting our focus towards the future rather than our past. We set ourselves the challenge of developing a quality publication at the forefront of brand thinking, targeting the 21st century leaders of business; exploring the people behind remarkable businesses, and looking at market categories that are leading strategically and creatively. Ultimately, we aimed to provide an insight into the people and ideas behind the brands of tomorrow. And in doing so, create a meaningful publication that readers would value as a resource and inspiration.


The Identity Journal showed that our business could walk the talk as a thought leader, providing inspiration and provoking critical thinking around the work we do as an agency everyday. This transformation developed greater knowledge about people and trends, focusing our professional practice towards longer term socially conscious solutions. It has led to further initiatives like the development of a monthly trends report we share with clients.

Externally, the publication has positioned us as an agency who believes people are at the heart of the brands of tomorrow. This has generated new business leads with organisations who share similar values.


Setting out to produce our publication to the highest levels of sustainability, we gained support from Spicers who donated their Australian made 100% recycled FSC Certified and Carbon Neutral stock ‘Revive’, and BlueStar Printing who print using vegetable based inks. As an organisation, we’re also serious about minimising our environmental footprint; participating in the CitySwitch Energy Efficiency program and achieving carbon neutral status.

We were also committed to promoting socially conscious organisations and contributors throughout our content. In our first issue we featured Melbourne based social enterprise cafe Kinfolk alongside a round table discussion centred on ‘The Ideal Library’.


As a creative agency, we could design the publication and create content ourselves. But we wanted to have a bigger conversation. So we approached our network of professionals, clients and favourite coffee spots to bring the ideas within The Identity Journal to life.

We were able to engage many of Melbourne’s thought leaders, including; The Age’s Claire Halliday, Swinburne’s Russell Kennedy and the City of Melbourne’s Colin Fairweather. We then secured the support of key sponsors for photography, paper and printing; and distribution through newsagents, independent bookstores and the App Store (iPad version). Our first self-published journal was born.

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