The Ian Potter Cultural Trust


  • Wolf Interactive


The Ian Potter Cultural Trust’s approach to the development of the Arts through the support of talented individuals is unique in Australia.

As a part of a digital evolution strategy, a new responsive site was needed to continue attracting the best quality grant applications. The site also needed to increase stakeholder engagement through relevant and interactive content.

Wolf developed a fully responsive website for The Ian Potter Cultural Trust with a sophisticated, large-format ‘mobile first’ presentation, and a searchable Grants Database archive. The new site positions the trust at the forefront of Australian philanthropy, showcasing their vision, mission and success.

Key Features


Key features and benefits:
– Showcase case studies
– Direct online applications
– Fully responsive website

A key objective for the new website was to increase application success rate. A review of the analytics has shown a 500% increase to ‘How to apply’.

Mobile visitors to the website are now able to more easily browse the website, find information and complete applications. Since launching the new website we have seen a 46% increase in visit duration from mobile devices leading to an increase in qualified leads.

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