The Glowpear® Urban Garden


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The Glowpear® Urban Garden is a modular, self-watering planter specifically designed for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in urban environments.

By utilising an internal water reservoir and an ingenious wicking system, plants can survive for weeks without watering, reducing garden maintenance for people who enjoy growing plants, but don’t have time to pamper them.

It’s contemporary styling, robust construction and clever design ensures the product sits well in any architectural environment, indoors or out. Perfect for a range of spaces including gardens, balconies, courtyards, decks and patios, it can either stand alone or be interconnected with other planters.

Key Features


Our modern, fast paced population is becoming increasingly urbanised. The Glowpear® Urban Garden is an easy way for people to stay in touch with core values by growing their own food and decorative plants with little effort or previous experience.

Our planter has been specifically developed to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in urban environments and small spaces, indoors and out. It’s growing chamber is carefully sized to optimise growing conditions within a tight format.

It is suited equally to residential or commercial applications, allowing people to grow plants in environments previously deemed too difficult for the amateur gardener.


The Urban Garden provides people with the benefits of gardening at home without the hassle.

The self-watering wicking system feeds water from the in-built reservoir to your plants on-demand, naturally drawing the water up from below as its needed. Users simply fill the reservoir periodically (every 1-4 weeks) and leave the plants to grow.

The planter is raised to allow easy tending and has a simple water level indicator to prompt the user to refill. It includes overflow drip trays to catch any excess water should you overwater your planter, particularly when used indoors.


We’ve been determined to design and build a quality product. The body components are fully recyclable HDPE, a robust, inert material ideal for long term outdoor use. It’s UV stable, food safe, chemical resistant and tough.

We’ve used a glass filled blend of HDPE for the legs to ensure that they are strong enough to carry the weight of a fully planted unit without distortion or failure. Our fasteners are corrosion resistant stainless steel.

In order to create a product that provides years of service without any deterioration in performance we’ve been tireless in our testing with prototypes and samples.


To target the modern urban consumer, Glowpear needed to create an iconic brand image. The product needed to out-perform rivals and look beautiful.

We created an aesthetic that is simple and recognisable. It’s sharp edges and considered details present a contemporary image, yet it’s classic colour scheme and refined shape mean that it can sit equally well in many settings.

This design focus means the Urban Garden looks great on an apartment balcony, on the deck beside the outdoor kitchen of a suburban home, in a modern office fit-out or on the footpath outside the local coffee shop.


Glowpear is a small start-up that was created with one goal in mind, to make a better planter for urban spaces. To compete in the crowded market we had to leverage design, manufacture and clever marketing to the best of our ability.

The result is an eye-catching, highly functional product that is now selling in Australia and the US, including through major US online stores like Costco, Amazon and Home Depot. The Urban Garden has been embraced by consumers and commercial developers alike.

New models are currently being developed with the same user and design driven focus.

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