The Fitzroy – Sustainable Packaging Design Concept


  • Australian Analytics and Design


“The Fitzroy” whiskey packaging design concept, created for Billy Blue College of Design (Diploma of Graphic Design).

Key Features


“The Fitzroy” whiskey packaging concept embodies design excellence through its innovative approach, delivering a product that can remain in its original packaging throughout its life cycle.

Made from recycled materials, it can also be reused and recycled. Its innovative design encourages the packaging to be used and retained, rather than being discarded after purchase.


This packaging concept is focused on usability and sustainability.

The design is innovative within the product category as the contents of the product are visible through the external packaging and the product can be safely carried, poured and stored without removing its original packaging.

The use of recyclable glass, recycled cardboard and labels made with recycled materials and post consumer waste make the packaging highly sustainable.

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