The Fashena – A Multifunctional Scarf


  • Angela Arena


A timeless unique scarf, (named ‘The Fashena’), transforms into a collection of garments suitable for any occasion or lifestyle, in different fabrics for different uses. It can be revealed as a shawl, jacket, sarong, mantilla, dress or towel suitable for men, women and children of all ages, culture and lifestyle. Also used on the bed as a throw which can be converted into a robe/dressing-gown, blanket or more.

It is elegant in silk for evening wear, warm in wool for winter or in toweling for the beach. Different fabrics are used for sports events, travel, school, home or work

Key Features


By inter-playing with the aesthetics of the body, users found the Fashena to be fashionable, functional and unique and were emotionally and physically connected. It provides protection, comfort, convenience and is adaptable in all four seasons in Victoria or international conditions and cultural and geographical regions during travel.

Worn by anybody, by itself or layered with other garments, the Fashena is multi-functional by the opening and closing of a zipper. Disposable clothing is not a viable option. From an environmental perspective in today’s throw-away society, this one scarf has many uses, replaces many garments and saves money and wardrobe space.


User needs, weather and environmental factors are considered and fulfilled to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional design that anybody of any age, culture or lifestyle will integrate into their wardrobe.

Various standard sizes (based on average size and age of the population) are created.

Fibers and colors are purposely chosen and sourced in Melbourne to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the occasion or the wearer. Climate and performance play important considerations in the finished product\’s chosen fabric.

The design is manufactured in Victoria which also boosts local economy. Focus is on essentials not on unimportant non-essentials.


As a fashion designer, textile artist and seamstress, I’m passionate about giving life to new and expressive styles. I notice and gather information around me, think of possibilities and put ideas into action by creatively combining the left and right brain, to design and produce wearable garments, which also take into consideration practical elements like protection, comfort, style and the environment.

This process has raised the design of the Multi functional Scarf to a distinctive and superior level with a solution to also create value for business and society in Victoria. This design has a Patent Pending.


The scarf is a popular accessory.

The Fashena goes beyond the scope of a traditional scarf due to the differentiated design. The two main purposes of the traditional scarf, neck protection and fashion statement, remain.

However, the creativity of the zippers, increases the functionality of this scarf in such a way that this design has unlimited uses in different environments, lifestyles or cultures and various weather conditions.

Thus, it has the unique feature of a flat garment that looks like a simple scarf when draped around the neck or the appearance of a tailored garment when worn as a jacket.


The original idea was taken directly from my imagination and translated onto fabric in February 2009. After eight years of research and further design changes from the original concept, the Fashena was perfected in Melbourne, in Feb 2017, and is now ready for production and marketing.

This design meets the requirements of the user under different conditions. It is designed to be flattering on all body types whilst improving performance, such as ease of use, comfort, wearing flexibility a stylish look when worn on the body as a fashion statement and protection from the weather in all four seasons.

It can transform a uniform or any outfit into a different look in seconds for that unexpected detour after work or, change an outfit worn at a casual outing, into a garment suitable for a formal event.

A perfect accessory for that little black dress.

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