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This is NO ordinary wallet. We set out to design the wallet of your dreams; a single wallet to keep you organised from work to play, trips away and everything in between – all without destroying the planet.

The Elsewhere Co. upcycled leather wallet is thoughtfully designed for living an adventurous life. It can be used at home or away and features an innovative concealed jewellery storage compartment, making it one of the most versatile accessories around. Crafted from upcycled leather, it imaginatively transforms waste into luxury fashion, with initial production saving approximately 100kg of leather offcuts from reaching landfill.

Key Features


Appealing to the conscious consumer, a luxury aesthetic was achieved through a series of balanced contrasts; traditional full-grain leather made from upcycled waste, an elegant silhouette jam-packed with practical storage, and bold yet timeless colour palettes.

The design is intuitive, functioning effortlessly to carry both everyday and travel essentials with additional storage for jewellery, saving the need for multiple products.

Finished to a high standard of quality, it’s crafted from sustainable RCS-100 certified upcycled leather, an innovative material selected for its low environmental impact and luxury finish. Initial production has saved approximately 100kg of leather offcuts from reaching landfill.


The majority of fast fashion ends up in landfill. Our wallet design tackles this issue by upcycling pre-existing waste materials and increasing circularity instead of producing virgin materials.

The wallet is crafted from upcycled leather, a material made from genuine leather offcuts otherwise destined for landfill. The production process generates zero manufacturing material waste and uses 90% less water, compared to conventional leather production. Initial production saved around 100kg of leather waste and 16kg of cotton waste from landfill.

We offer an end-of-life recycling program.

Demonstrating positive social impact, the wallet is ethically produced, with workers treated and paid fairly.


The wallet is proudly designed in Melbourne by a small independent label, highlighting the values of innovation and entrepreneurial creative spirit that Victoria is known for.

The project demonstrates the importance of sustainable design practices in a rapidly changing world in which environmental and social impacts must be considered.

This sustainable first-to-market wallet has been well-received within the growing eco-conscious fashion market, bringing luxury sustainable fashion into the mainstream.

The wallet design contributes to Melbourne’s reputation as a centre for emerging independent fashion design and helps position Victoria at the forefront of the worldwide sustainable fashion movement.


The wallet is an original world-fist design that pushes the boundaries in both innovative thinking and materials, demonstrating that it’s possible to create a luxury item that’s functional, sustainable, ethical and aesthetically appealing.

What makes this wallet a world-first innovation is its ability to function as a versatile all-in-one wallet for home and travel with the added inclusion of a clever concealed jewellery storage compartment, protecting jewellery on-the-go and avoiding the need to carry multiple cases.

Made from innovative upcycled leather, the design addresses the growing issue of textile waste, by imaginatively transforming waste material into luxury fashion accessories.


The wallet uses RCS-100 certified upcycled leather (Recycled Claim Standard 100, Control Union, Textile Exchange) made from fully traceable genuine leather offcuts (waste from leather glove production, destined for landfill). The offcuts are shredded into fibres, bound with natural rubber, pigment and water, then reformed into new sheets of upcycled leather.

It’s packaged in an upcycled cotton bag, without plastic and mailed in compostable bags via carbon neutral shipping.

For every sale, we donate $1 to Greening Australia to support revegetation work.

The production factory is ISO 14001 and Sedex certified, demonstrating responsible environmental management and ethical working conditions.

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