The Cradle Kit


  • Monash University


The Cradle Kit is a set that simplifies the bioplastic-making process. Through a semester of research, I came up with a bioplastic recipe that was possible to vacuum-form. I started the year with the initial problem of ‘Food Waste in Australia’ and this eventuated on to the research and development of a bioplastic. The Cradle Kit was a result of this as the bioplastic-making process was quite tedious and time consuming. I am hoping that this will inspired at-home-crafters to put their food waste to a good use!

Key Features


– Closed-loop design process: inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle design approach, The Cradle Kit allows at-home-crafters to use their food waste to create a vacuum-formable material. This will create a loop that goes from the food waste of the dinner table > bioplastic > product > disposed in soil to produce more food > return back to the dinner table.
– Bioplastic-making vessel: this simplifies the process, making it more accessible for people who love DIY projects and recycling.

Youtube / Vimeo

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