The Carmella Range




The Carmella range of Melbourne made accessories has been designed to create a collection of timeless accessories for the contemporary wearer. This is a collection of 5 pieces that will create wardrobe solutions for all aspects of life, with pieces that work for day, night, work and leisure.
The collection has been designed to be lightweight for ease of everyday use, long lasting to address issues of disposability within fashion design and transeasonal.

This collection is the core range of SARAH CONNERS accessories and enables the brand to keep manufacturing in-house while meeting customer demand.

Key Features


SARAH CONNERS saw the need to create a line of accessories that could be manufactured in-house and met customer demands all while creating a range of products that me their ethical demands. This range needed to be beautiful, practical and ethical.

Production facilities demanded that the products be able to be produced in small batches from locally sourced materials to meet customer demand. Design for each piece of the collection was refined through sampling and customer feedback. Unnecessary design features and weight were removed from each piece, sizes were altered to meet customer needs and materials chosen for seasonal flexibility.


Creating the Carmella Collection has allowed SARAH CONNERS to introduce a range of accessories that will be relevant to the business for years not seasons. The simple and classic designs allow the introduction of new colours and materials all without needing to alter productions methods for each season. The ongoing collection also allows customers to re-engage with the business as they invest in the full collection of pieces or new iterations.


SARAH CONNERS is lead by professional accessory designer Sarah Conners and stepping away from the traditional seasonal and trend driven approach to fashion has enabled SARAH CONNERS to introduce a range that offer multiple solutions for both the business and the customer.

The business is now able to plan production around customer demand as the production facilities are always ready for Carmella production and materials can be sourced quickly through local suppliers. The Carmella range is now fully integrated into the business and is now the most recognisable and most profitable of its products.


The Carmella range design process began by analysing the needs of the accessory-buying customer, needs that went beyond the need for a fashionable handbag. These needs included practicality, flexibility and longevity, these then needed to be combined with the usual features of fashion accessories. Beauty, status and wardrobe enhancement all still needed to be present in the designs.

The pieces in the Carmella collection has set the benchmark for all SARAH CONNERS accessories and all new pieces need to embody the design principles of the range.


1. Production is streamlined and on demand to reduce waste
2. Wardrobe solutions are created rather than fashion solutions

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