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When visiting a theatre you come for the magic that is created within.

One expects the box office, cloakroom and merchandise to work seamlessly and, unless they don’t, these are likely not remembered at all. The “Digital Theatre” was created to seamlessly integrate these functions, on which The Australian Ballet’s beautiful content takes centre stage.

The new digital offering creates as discerning and sophisticated experience which brings users closer to the art form and focuses their attention while completing functional aspects of their journey.

Key Features


Digital Delivery of Events, Exhibitions and Performances

People may not be able to attend, or might wish to relive the magic of what they’ve seen. By creating a new revenue centre by selling digital versions of performances; including packages, simulcasts and gifting productions online arts companies can both benefit commercially and bring art to a wider audience.


Beautiful Back Stories

Achieve greater engagement with patrons across all areas of a company by telling a deeper story, including that of all the artisans behind the productions or works, using a rich mix of imagery, video, audio files and interactive experiences.


End-to-End Customer Experience.

By taking many of the mundane commercial interactions, such as ticket sales and merchandise online and streamlining them. Making click and collect for merchandise at events, performances and shows of all types would allow people to relax and enjoy concerts and events.


Provide Better Service Through Technology

Assist customers with pre and post performance experience by integrating with way-finding, parking and mapping technology.


Encouraging Re-Visits and Additional Offerings

Will an engaged audience, you’ve the perfect opportunity to introduce additional offerings, services and items patrons may not be aware of.

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