The Australian Ballet 2015 Season Campaign – Year of Beauty


  • Qube Konstrukt
  • The Australian Ballet
  • Event Gallery
  • Justin Ridler - Photographer
  • Kate Gaskin - Stylist


The creation of the ‘Year of Beauty’ campaign was designed to transform the audiences perception of the Australian Ballet and increase revenue.
It involved concept development, art direction and image post production. Tasked with exploring the theme of beauty, photography capturing the grace and athleticism of the dancers was merged with studio-shot flora to create the final compositions. The unification of these images was dictated through styling, photography, grading, the introduction of floral elements, and for the ‘hero’ images, the application of post production elements.
This all created an ensemble of sumptuous images, which together formed a narrative of beauty.

Key Features


Deliver a Visual Representation of the ‘Year of Beauty’

The concept came together through the exploration of three main themes. ‘Modern Beauty’ highlighted the muscularity of the subjects, creating unadorned images, expressing the athleticism and power of the dancer. ‘Classical Beauty’ which tapped into the timeless aesthetic of ballet, exploring a more ‘pure’ definition of beauty. And ‘Avant-Garde Beauty’ which introduced fashion-forward garments, fashion inspired poses and a ‘new’ style of image making with the integration of floral elements, which challenged previous notion’s of ‘beauty’ in relation to the ballet audience.


An Australian Focus

The application of floral elements both real and digital not only explored the notion of beauty but by incorporating Australian native flora helped to give the campaign, and ballet brand, a distinctive Australian focus.


Increase Ticket Sales

The Australian Ballet’s ‘Year of Beauty’ campaign was one of the company’s most successful to date, overachieving on its stated objectives. The campaign, promoting packages of three, four or five ballets, generated over $14 million in ticket sales, an increase of $1.7 million on the previous year.


Deepen Loyalty of Existing Customer Base as well as Attracting a New Audience

In Melbourne, it was The Australian Ballet’s most successful year since 1992. Most striking, though, was the number of new audiences it attracted – with one in every eight people buying a package being new to the ballet. In an age where subscriptions are the holy grail, this truly was a year of beauty.

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