The Apiarist


  • Cut Throat Knives


What happens when an Apiarist and a Bladesmith collaborate on the design of a blade? Something sweet, something a little crazy and something truly spectacular.

Cut Throat Knives has teamed up with the incredible Rooftop Honey for a limited edition run of Chef\’s Knives.

Each handle contains two preserved honey bees encased in translucent resin. The handle boasts a honey drip bolster and some black honey comb.

Key Features


1. The blade were handmade in Melbourne by one bladesmith. Starting with raw steel that was heat treated in house to the highest standards each blade took 4 days to make. The blades were sanded by hand to ensure a flawless satin finish.

2. The handle features two preserved bees (a natural biproduct of honey production) encased in resin. These elements were played off against a stylised drip bolster and some black honeycomb.

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