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The Australian Communications & Media Authority are the government regulators of broadcasting, the internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications. Aiming to drive better engagement with industry and public, a ‘discovery’ content model for an ‘engagement platform’ (aka website) was created. A digital destination where users can engage, share and access information through exploring topical content or search specific.

The ‘engagement platform’ utilises a flexible grid system, which can segment to surface feature content and focussed links or grow to encapsulate hero video content. The grid allows for reconfiguration of the ‘engagement platform’ on any device increasing accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Key Features


Engagement platform

Understanding what users were doing, how they were interacting and digesting information and when they were doing it became paramount and informed many of the design decisions. The benefit of the ‘engagement platform’ is in it’s ability to meet both of these polar challenges. It balances a discovery user experience as well as surfacing relevant content in a coherent way. The flexible grid system allows for diverse content to be presented consistently in a visually stimulating way. It aggregates the myriad of communication platforms already in use by the ACMA bringing together diverse content in one destination.


Digital strategy

The ‘engagement platform’ set the tone for the ACMA’s digital strategy. Segmenting the users (and in turn the ACMA’s audience); citizen, industry and the authority gave a simple demarcation for content and which is filtering into the agency as a whole. An intuitive icon system, colour system and digital brand style was developed which standardises the ACMA’s digital presence.

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