The 2 Litre Towel


  • MC Saatchi


Australian Weaving makes great towels, but most shoppers buy the cheap, imported towels. Australian Weaving didn’t have a budget for advertising, however we could change their packaging.

We tested the absorbency of our towels and discovered they could soak up almost twice the water of cheap, imported towels. An incredible 2 litres of water.

To reinforce our unique selling point, the towels were packaged in 2 litre plastic bottles and displayed in refrigerators in-store. The plastic bottle packaging provided a simple, physical way to help shoppers reframe what they should be thinking about when purchasing a towel: absorption.

Key Features


The 2 litre bottle was designed to open in two halves. Purchasers were encouraged to fill empty packaging with water to prove the 2 litre claim and then post their results online as a ‘2 Litre Towel’ challenge. This generated significant social media exposure. The 2 Litre Towel sold at a 100% increase on the previous retail price. The first production run of 2,000 towels sold out in-store in less than 3 weeks. Our online inventory sold out in 3 days. And best of all, our cotton mill in Wangaratta, the last surviving one in Australia, is again thriving.

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