Textile Art Design


  • Angela Arena


Natural cotton fabric has been hand-painted, creating unique and spectacular surface design patterns by using a finely milled liquid acrylic fabric color that performs like a dye in the fabric.

No steaming was required, no messy fixatives or chemicals were used.  The painted fabric was dried and set permanently in the natural sunlight in natural surroundings.

Key Features


Create unique fabrics using a unique range of sustainable, non-toxic paint products which were developed and are manufactured in Australia.

To grow and diversify a local Australian sustainable product globally using a simple eco-friendly composition.


Clean Eco-friendly product that when used or if disposed, significantly reduces the harm to the environment.

From an environmental point of view, colors are safe to get on your skin and wash off easily with soap and water and completely safe to put into household drains.


As a Fashion Designer and Textile Artist, having experienced reactions to toxic textiles, I decided to tackle the toxic and fast fashion epidemic and take on future challenges to adapt my design technique and become a sustainable textile fashion designer.


Exploration and experimental methods were used in my art studio in creating this work.

Some of the numerous innovative techniques were applied to produce these safe non-toxic colorful textiles.

Creating and hand painting textiles that are permanently set in the natural sunlight. The color stays where it is put so does not run in the wash.


Cost-effective and eco-friendly textiles that are also considered art
Achieves the vibrancy and beauty of traditional dyes without the complications of steaming them.

Color can be used on any fabric or fiber.

Non-toxic and non-polluting, simple safe, economical, totally washable and iron-able and colorfast.

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