TerryWhite Chemmart Brand Identity


  • R-Co Brand


When Terry White Chemists and Chemmart merged, the new company Terry White Chemmart required an identity that would unite the 500 pharmacies under one distinctive brand signature.

For customers, the new identity signalled a focus on health care; for the retailer, a revitalised store presence on the high street provided confidence in the relevance of the brand and the company’s vision for the future.

Key Features


The brand strategy was based upon three core elements: own the green cross, reflect the company purpose of health care professionals, position the pharmacy with distinction.


The number of stores required an environmental design system that was efficient in a practical way enabling cost effective implementation.


The brand identity extended across digital, environmental, fashion, advertising and promotion, display and internal communications.


The simplicity of the identity and its engaging brand story has created a positive impact.

“Our members have been working hard to bring the brand to life and we could not be more thrilled with the response from customers so far, who see the green as a fresh new look for a trusted name in pharmacy,” said Anthony White CEO.


Good design and effective Brand Design Thinking has contributed to a very smooth company merger, the retailers have embraced the new identity as a positive endorsement of confidence, the system enables effective implementation and the customer has a relevant brand story to engage with.

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