Terroir Explainer


  • vW Maps Pty Ltd
  • Ten Minutes By Tractor Wine Co
  • Bonnie Savage (Photographer)


Mornington Peninsula winery Ten Minutes by Tractor commissioned a 3D-printed terrain model of their region to illustrate the differences in soil, elevation and climate that differentiate its four vineyards. Cellar door visitors can now easily grasp the factors that influence the grapes grown at each vineyard.

Although digital in its origins, design and manufacture, the terrain model is tangible and accessible when placed on the tasting bench next to a glass of wine. The full-colour, three-dimensional map of intricate detail makes the geography of wine fun, engaging and easy to understand.

Key Features


Iconic Object

Next to the wine, the 3D-printed terrain model is the centrepiece of the Ten Minutes by Tractor cellar door experience which, in turn, is designed to foster crucial long-term brand loyalty. Printed site maps can explain the components of terroir that create each vineyard’s wine, but a 3D model is more memorable and unusual. TMxT General Manager Chris Hamilton stated “There’s no doubt that our terrain map is a key component that makes a visit to our cellar door distinctive from visits to our nearby competitors”.


Beautiful Map Design

Printed on an industry-leading, full-colour 3D printer, the model is a combination of traditional, fine cartography and new technology. For the 3D printing medium we have adapted all the elements of good graphic design – typography, colour, shape and balance – with those of cartographic design, such as selection, generalisation and simplification of geographic information to focus attention on only the vineyards, terrain and the most important landmarks. The result allows staff to explain the complicated factors of terroir over a representation of terrain that is appealing and easy to read.


Built with Authoritative Information

The terrain model is a precise and accurate representation of the topography of the Mornington Peninsula. Incorporating mapping data from Victoria’s open data portal,, vW Maps has used the best and latest in government information to create a representation that educates and promotes wine tourism to the region.


Environmental Understanding

Through an examination of the Terroir Explainer at the tasting bench, customers gain an understanding of the vineyards’ physical conditions, such as elevation, slope, aspect, and drainage. The cellar door staff’s additional information about soil and climatic conditions completes the picture of what shapes the wine. The portrayal, in model form, of the many viticultural factors that exert influence across the landscape heightens general environmental awareness, respect for the vineyards and a deeper appreciation of the client’s wines.

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