Terrain Master


  • Branach


The Terrain Master was designed by necessity to provide a greater margin of safety to those working at heights. In 2010–11, 29 workers died following a fall from height. In the same time period, 7730 claims for serious injury were lodged due to a fall from a height. A typical falls-related claim in 2010–11 involved 6.2 weeks off work. (Safework Australia 2013 Work related Injuries and fatalities involving a fall from height)

The Terrain Master has the potential to change the face of height safety, as it provides safe and sure footing for a Branach extension ladder or a Branach safety step platform. It extends the footprint to 3 times its natural base and levels the ladder hence reducing the significant workplace hazards of working on uneven terrain.

Key Features


After significant investment in innovation and lean manufacturing the Terrain master has been designed to be light weight, easy to use, and complement the renown high quality products from Branach.


It gives the ladder user the ability to extend the base of the ladder by 3x its footprint. A quick release mechanism extends the legs, which can then be independently deployed to whatever angle required.


It provides outstanding stability, eliminates lateral twist and sideways movement. It has been described as feeling as if the ladder is bolted to the tree (or like structure).


It is easily stored and transported.


The impact of this product on the working at heights industry, simply put, it will contribute to saving lives and reducing countless accidents. It is part of a continuously evolving endeavour to bring workers home safe.

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