Teranex 3D Processor


  • Blackmagic Industrial Design Team


The Teranex 3D Processor is a broadcast quality video standards convertor that converts a wide range of video formats without the loss of quality. One of only two such products certified to create content for the Apple store, it is one of the most sophisticated video trans-coding devices in the world.

The Teranex processor performs operations such as up/down SD to 720HD/1080HD conversion, frame rate and SD/HD standards conversion and correction processes like noise reduction, scaling and aspect ratio conversion. Perhaps most ground-breaking is its patented 3D simulator, which converts a single, live 2D feed into realistic 3D in real-time.

Key Features


Engaging audiences with a revolutionary live 3D experience.

At the 2012 MTV Music Video Awards Teranex’s 3D simulator allowed producers to convert traditional 2D signals in real-time into a live 3D broadcast. Recorded at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Teranex 3D processing technology was used to trans-code a single live 2D camera feed into an immersive 3D experience for a second audience watching at the nearby Regal Cinemas’ L.A. LIVE Theatre.


Whisper quiet, portable and discrete, the Teranex processor can be used in a wide range of environments.

Half the size and weight of existing standards converters, the compact design and ultra-quiet operation of the Teranex Processor makes it ideal for use on the desktop or in live outside broadcast environments where portability is essential.

This dramatic reduction in size has also led to significant improvements in manufacturing cost, assembly time, and shipping efficiency.


A clear and intuitive user interface is critical in high pressure, dimly lit broadcast environments.

The Teranex user interface addresses this with an intuitive ‘left to right’ workflow, enhanced by high-contrast, back-lit buttons that are colour-coded to provide a logical step-by-step guide through the conversion process.

Supporting this is a keypad laid out in clear, logical clusters and non-slip, silicone buttons that are generously proportioned to minimise user error. Positive button activation also provides useful tactile feedback, giving the user confidence in their selections and ensuring fool-proof and mistake-free operation.


The Teranex Processor makes high-end standards conversion accessible to the mass market.

Previously costing in excess of $90,000, similar video standards converters were until now the exclusive tool of major network broadcasters and Hollywood studios. After undergoing a rigorous internal re-design to rationalise mechanical parts and manufacturing processes, the Teranex 3D processor is now available for less than $3,000, bringing sophisticated broadcast technology to many smaller, independent broadcasters and post-production facilities.



The precision machined aluminium fascia is engineered to provide strength and rigidity for rack mounting, with internal rib detailing that acts to minimise light bleed between buttons. This improves clarity and legibility, while the anodised satin finish offers tactile contrast to the high-grip silicone buttons, helping to alleviate operator errors.

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