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As Australia’s premier communication network and broadband supplier, Telstra are constantly looking to improve their business systems and strategies to support a more sustainable future. As part of a strategic repositioning of the Telstra Brand, Birdstone were asked to reimagine how they approach packaging. With a vast portfolio of products sourced from multiple suppliers, Telstra had an inconsistent packaging style that did not represent the brand positioning or future strategy of their business. Premium products suffered from overpackaging and excessive components — complicating both the packaging production and consumer experience.

Key Features


Our solution blends innovative brand design with sophisticated structural design to create a consistent packaging suite that can be executed by multiple suppliers.

The design architecture features only necessary messaging and dynamic colour to create a cohesive, engaging user experience that helps consumers activate their devices faster. Telstra colourways are thoughtfully applied to indicate entertainment, connectivity and business devices.

Bespoke structural designs significantly reduce packaging and plastics, positioning Telstra as a leader in sustainable design and saving hundreds of tonnes in packaging annually. The reduction in materials has created significant improvements in packaging costs, logistics, delivery efficiency and overall savings.


By specifying sustainable materials which can be widely recycled, our design enables appropriate disposal and recycling recovery of the packaging. Meaningful messaging and Australasian Recycling Labels inform consumers how to recycle packaging components and devices.

The significant material reduction across the packaging suite and promotion of sustainable practices has a huge positive environmental and financial impact.

For example, our redesigned Smart Modem box uses 75% less material, weighs 53% less and costs 50% less per unit. With 1.1M distributed annually, this represents 1,857 fewer pallets being transported and a reduction of 258 tonnes of packaging.


The meaningful reduction in plastics and minimisation of materials across the Telstra packaging design system is a valuable execution of Telstra’s sustainability strategy. Improved environmental outcomes support Telstra’s range of sustainability targets, as set by the United Nations, Australian Government, Australian Packaging Covenant and Telstra themselves.

The packaging solution significantly reduces the material, weight, cost, size and wastage of packaging. This has translated to improved palletisation, lower transportation costs, less carbon emissions and substantial commercial savings.

Our design solution is compliant with the 2025 National Packaging Target now, with further enhancement planned into the future. Thus far all redesigned packs are 100% recyclable and do not contain plastic.


The exciting, often overwhelming experience of purchasing, opening and activating new electronics has been streamlined by simple functionality and messaging.

Packaging structures are optimised to improve the experience of unboxing. The quantity of packaging components has been reduced, while the visibility of items has been adjusted to hero the primary product. Simplified, minimal pack graphics inform the consumer of only key information, reducing technical information overload.

Customised structural designs unique to each product improve user engagement, while a consistent presentation strategy unites the packaging suite; framing the product on a gradient panel with a single starting point and message.


• The adoption of consistent branding and messaging across all products within the range has created a unified brand experience, while strengthening Telstra’s brand identity.

• Product protection during delivery has improved, despite a reduction in components and materials.

• The packaging redesign has resulted in significant cost savings and supply chain improvements for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Telstra throughout the supply chain.

• New Product Development for Telstra has improved by integrating packaging strategy earlier within the design process. This has streamlined project briefs and negotiations with product suppliers.

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