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Description has the largest online audience within the Australian telecommunications industry, attracting approximately 1.8 million unique visitors per week. aims to provide self-service capability throughout all stages of a customer’s journey.

The challenge we faced was feedback on poor find-ability, customers who told us “I can’t find what I’m looking for”, “make it easier”….

Our response was ambitious; to create an IA and design to make it intuitive for customers to find what they need.

Design was champion in bringing a cross functional team together. We worked collaboratively, became innovators and delivered within pressure of tight deadlines.

Key Features


We began with customer feedback. customers have varying degrees of web savviness. The goal was to redesign the website to make it easy to use for any customer, regardless of digital literacy.

To do this, we blended Conceptual Design and Strategy, Generative Research, UX design and Visual Design.

Then we threw in website analytics, customer interviews, iterative prototyping and usability testing so we could strip back content to focus on what our customers wanted.

The redesign created an experience that was more engaging, reduced reliance on call centres and in-store channels and simplified the experience of millions of customers.


IA and navigation design which helps our customers find information faster and easier.

We redesigned our IA, which aligned with our shifting company culture to move from focusing on internal process, to putting customer needs first.

We made the bold move to go from content grouped around product (which presented too many options), to a logical task-oriented approach where the customer is progressively guided to our products and services based on common tasks e.g. “I’ve come to to; ‘Explore’, ‘Shop’; get ‘Support’; or service ‘My Account’”.

These four ‘front doors’ help to guide customers, regardless of their knowledge, while providing efficient cross-linking between sections of the website.


Clean and engaging visual design.

Our rule was that visuals and interactions have to be immersive and useful.

A prominent use of white space balances imagery, while accents of the primary page colour were used to highlight primary actions and content. This made an aesthetically pleasing website, an engaging experience and easier to find content.

Critical to the review and update of the IA was ensuirng the look and feel was cohesive with our Online Shop which recently introduced a ‘T-Shirt’ product model- “S,M,L,XL” (

The aim was for customers to feel as though they were browsing one site, moving seamlessly from an “Explore” to a “Shop” experience.


Consistent global presentation and principles.

We developed a new style guide featuring specifications, patterns and guidelines for content and digital design execution to enhance coherency and familiarity across the site.

Our new digital interactive experience is a foundational piece with a modular design approach to page components that will provide a baseline for future design.

This affords consistency in the creation of future pages and is also flexible enough to enable us to extend our site to a responsive framework.


Search powered by Google.

The search experience has been revamped with Google Search Appliance, featuring predictive search and the ability to filter by content segments (Explore, Shop, CrowdSupport, Account Services).

Our search balances useful functionality and simplicity and aligns to the style guide, leveraging the site iconography to assist with content differentiation.

Suggested results provided are curated by Telstra Digital based around what customers commonly look for. A feedback form allows customers to provide insights into their search experience.

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